K.A Sebastian   is  a well experienced Master Trainer  in Transactional Analysis  and a Psychological Counsellor, helping People to rediscover themselves for Personal growth and warm Relationships for the last 30 years. Retired from Federal Bank as a  Chief Manager.

Knowing Oneself is the biggest learning on earth and the Golden key to light up the darkness in our Life,in our family, in our Relationships, & in our organizations. Transactional Analysis is the best way to explore yourself ,because it is simple, fast and result oriented.




Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is a psychology theory popularly called TA  was introduced by Dr. Eric Berne, USA.  It presupposes that human life is based on  a script written  by the individual before the age of six.  It is based on the earliest experiences with the parents including the period in the womb.These neural recordings decide life thereafter, unless  changed.Our Prefrontal brain can influence lower brain and cause changes,  and that is the technique of Personality Development. Transactional Analysis is an excellent technique for activating prefrontal brain activities. And it  can offer better personality Development.Transactional Analysis (TA) is a useful and fascinating framework for understanding human behaviour, communication and relationships, originally developed in the 1950s by the late Eric Berne, MD.

Importance of Transactional Analysis

  • For Personal growth and Change

Have you ever thought of, “ Why I am like this”, ”why do I feel lonely”, Why do I have severe anger tantrums frequently ?”,
How can I become a better human being?,a good employee?  a good teacher? a good parent? ”
Are you Fearful or are you Emotional? How is your anxiety level? Your personality depends on your dominant  emotion…..
Do you want to change? TA can help you to change for better…..!

Are you aware of what is on your face that others are reading but you don’t…!!  Your face is your passport, letting you be a winner or loser. Like computers our face also has a pre-programmed default position (facial  musculature).. It is part of our destiny. TA  can reprogram it and can have a better Self Image… !!.

  • For better Human relations

Are you in love  or married ?  Do you know why your partner is behaving the way he/she  is behaving?  You can lead a warmer relationship if you know that why they are behaving the way they do now…?
TA will help you to read and understand  your partner very well !!     While you were in love, how did it start? Were  you nervous during the initial meeting between You two? There is a possibility  that you are selecting a partner for psychological games for the rest of your life.   Have you noticed  most of the couples  who engage in  a discussion especially after dinner end up in  fighting or with negative emotions (Uproar Game in TA) These psychological games can be exposed and stopped, to enjoy your marital life….!!

shape your destiny
  • For Achievements in Life

Do you repeatedly fail in business, professions ? You may be having a  failure Script; But   you can change and become a winner in life…  Transactional Analysis theory suggest that we need to take responsibility for our life. If we are a failure in life such failures in profession or  business could have been due to some lapse on our part…we are sabotaging our own success in life without awareness due to certain “programming”..Script… we had developed in early childhood as an adaptation to negative experiences. But you can reprogramme it…….

The central theme of TA is that we write our own destiny at early childhood and the rest of the life is controlled by these early childhood decisions. We have made our own conclusions based on certain negative experiences we had at very early age and mostly preverbal. This is our life script which influences and attracts like “BERMUDA TRIANGLE”, compelling to certain patterns of behaviour by which a person becomes a failure in life. Transactional Analysis offers a way to re write a winner’s script.

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